Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Rig renter - Basics

How does it work?

  • You top your account up with BCH using your accounts BCH Address. (DO NOT SEND BTC!)
  • You choose your rig, the duration of the rent.
  • You specify which pool you want to mine. (You will need the pool Stratum URL, a worker name and a worker password)
  • You wait for the BCH payment to be confirmed 1 time if not already in your balance.
  • And your rig start mining!

Which mining pools are supported?

Stratum pools only are supported. This is basically what 99% of the mining pools use nowadays. Please note that you cannot mine your own wallet, as this is HTTP and not stratum.
Example of a supported pool: stratum+tcp://
Example of a pool NOT supported:

Which mining algorithms are supported?

At the moment, RentaHash propose rigs with 7 mining algorithms: X11, Scrypt, X13, SHA-256, Blake-256, Keccak and Scrypt-Adaptive-Nfactor.

What is the fee?

The fee is at 3%. It will be added on top of the price advertised by the rig.

Frequently Asked Questions - Rig renter - Ongoing rental

The rig is not working!

  • Wait at least 5 minutes. Some of the mining software used by the mining rigs requires up to 5 minutes of stable pool connection before starting working for the pool.
  • Check that you put the correct pool URL, and worker name and password. Mistakes happen.
  • Look for signs that the mining pool you have chosen is unstable. Sometimes it can be visible. For example, the pool hashrate jumps from 0 to a big number and then back to 0. An unstable pool can destroy the hashrate performance of the rig.
  • Finally, if you believe that the credentials are correct, and the pool is stable, and the rig shows no sign of activity, please fill a ticket with the help topic "Rented rig is offline", and RentaHash will assess the situation.

The payment takes time to confirm, I'm losing rental time!

Do not worry, the timer starts only when the rig actually starts working for you. The time waited to get the payment and to confirm it is not part of the rental time.

Can I change the mining pool of the rig during the rent?


Can I change the mining algorithm before/during the rental?

No, a mining rig is configured for a specific mining algorithm and cannot be changed. Some rig owners will allow you to contact them to do changes, but check first in the description of the rig page.

What happens if the rig stop working during the rent?

The amount you sent for the renting went to RentaHash. Please open a ticket with the help topic "Rented rig is offline", and RentaHash will assess the situation and decide whether to refund the renter.

Frequently Asked Questions - Rig owner - Setup

How does it work?

After registering your rig on the website, you will be asked to add a pool to your miner software, for example:
cgminer --scrypt -o <betarigs_address_given_on_rig_page> -u <betarigs_worker_identifier> -p x -o <your_usual_pool> -u <user> -p <pass> ...
That will put the RentaHash "pool" in first priority position, and your usual pool in second position. So:
  • Your rig is not rented: The RentaHash "pool" is inactive and your miner mine your usual pool.
  • Your rig is rented: The RentaHash "pool" becomes active and your miner mine it. Behind the scenes, RentaHash will redirect the miner to the pool chosen by the renter.

What are the risks to my rig? Could the renter overclock and burn it?

Since RentaHash is only just another "pool" to your mining software, the renter has no control over it besides choosing where your rig should mine. And even if RentaHash were to be hacked, hackers would not be able to change your miner software settings: RentaHash is just another "pool".

What are the compatible mining softwares?

All mining software should be compatible. This includes:
  • cgminer
  • sgminer
  • cpuminer (minerd)
Please contact me if you have success with other mining softwares.

What is the fee?

The fee is at 3%, deducted from the rig price. The fee will be reduced to 2% if the rig is in the top 30 best rated rigs of the month at the moment of payment.

I get weird "JSON key data not found" in cgminer

Do not worry, this is due to Betarig abruptly closing the connection because there is no rentals for your rig at the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions - Rig owner - Ongoing rental

RentaHash keeps disconnecting my rig!

RentaHash acts as a proxy to the customer mining pool. So if the customer mining pool is unstable or dead, RentaHash will be seen as unstable or dead by your mining software. As long as your rig is online and trying to work, you have kept your side of the bargain.
You can, by courtesy, contact your customer to warn him, and even extends extra hours to the customer (since you mined your own pool meanwhile), but that is optional and up to you.

My rig was offline for a few hours, what do I do?

If the rental hasn't finished yet, you can still compensate your customer by adding extra hours to the rental. You can do so by going to the rig page and by using the control panel. You can also optionally use the messaging feature to communicate with your customer.

Frequently Asked Questions - Rig owner - End of rental

When do I get paid?

24 hours after the end of the rental.

Your renter has paid the full amount to RentaHash before the rental began, and if the mining job was done correctly (basically your rig was online during the whole rental), the payment will be transfered to you 24 hours after the end of the rental period. This 24 hours delay is to give time to your customer to file a ticket if he wants to claim a refund.

Note: If your customer indeed submitted a ticket claiming your rig was offline, payment for this rental will be put in hold until the ticket is processed.

My rig is stuck with the "Rented - ends in a few moment" label

When a rig is stuck in the "Rented - ends in a few moments" state, that actually means that your rig is no longer connected to RentaHash.
Indeed, RentaHash needs the rig to be online for the end of the rental to be declared.
So simply connect back your rig to RentaHash, and the "Rented - ends in a few moments" label will disappear within a minute or two.
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